6 Benefits of Replacing Your Windows

Windows are often the first thing we look at in a room. They let in light and provide a beautiful sight for our eyes to gaze upon. But what if they’re not doing their job? That’s where new window suppliers come in. Replacing your windows can bring positive changes to your life.

1. Curb Appeal


The first benefit of window replacement is the clear improvement in the appearance of your home. Old, drafty windows often have a broken or outdated look that makes a house seem unattractive and incomplete. A fresh set of high-quality windows will add to the overall value and appearance of your home.


2. Energy Efficiency


The next benefit you will notice is the reduced energy costs that come with new windows. New windows are airtight and can help keep heat inside during cold months and outside heat out during hot months. According to the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC), an average home can save 20% on its heating and cooling costs by simply replacing old windows.


3. Safety and Security


When properly installed, new windows can provide a safer home. A new window will be made from modern materials, and the panes of the glass are toughened to prevent it from shattering when broken or hit with a forceful impact. In addition, the locks on most modern windows are sturdier and harder to compromise than older windows.


4. Noise Reduction


You’ll also notice a reduction in outside noise when you have new windows installed. The glass panes are densely packed to form the window, which helps prevent shutter sounds and other noises from entering your home. Improved sound insulation can help create a more peaceful and relaxing environment for you and your family. Most new window suppliers recommend double-pane windows for noise reduction.


5. Increases Home Value


A significant benefit of window replacement is increasing your home’s value. New windows are often considered a necessity for the convenient modern living space, and homes that have them will sell more quickly than houses without modern windows.


6. Peace of Mind


One Last benefit you will notice after your new windows are installed is the peace of mind that accompanies having a home with modern, up-to-date features. You won’t need to worry about drafts or safety issues when you have new windows in your home. Replacing your old windows will provide many years of warmth, security, and energy savings-guaranteed.


According to Key Media and Research’s 2021 Door and Window Industry Outlook, 73% of respondents (dealers and manufacturers) see the present business climate as good. New window suppliers are optimistic about the future, too. So, don’t be afraid to make this year the year for window replacement. Call us to learn more about the windows we have in stock.